François Nicole / Nicole Frères: unummeriert, [2], made about 1825

A rare key-wind musical box, playing three airs, on four-piece comb (two main sections plus 17 treble teeth and four extra bass teeth screwed sideways into main section), each main comb signed F. Nicole in very small font, the cylinder with "rigid notation" grid, in plain fruitwood case with exposed controls with turned handles, the lid probably an early replacement, with no tune-sheet or evidence of one -- 1822-25. --13 ¾ in wide, the cylinder 9 ¼ x 2 ½ in. (23.5 x 6.2cm.) diam., with key (plays well but softly, motor at times reluctant to start. Old worm infestation in case, long dead, but none in lid. Each end has a hole near the top, of uncertain purpose.) (See footnote to Lot 143)