Chapter 25

Left: Blue lady with great harp, palm, right: red lady with trumpet, palm

Links: Blau gekleidete Damen mit gro├čer Harfe, Palme, rechts: rot gekleidete Dame mit Trompete, Palme

Made by PAILLARD (?)

Spielwerke / music boxes

[1] Timbres,

[2] Alexandra,

[3] 1st: The Costers,

7649, 8 Airs,

20676 Drums, Bells and Casta[g]nettes,

23355, 1st: Cavalleria,

24452, 2nd: Mandoline, 6th: Erminie

[1] Timbres

[2] ALEXANDRA. 6 sleeves in stock

There were three sizes and numerous styles of the sleeve.playing ALEXANDRA.

This one stacks all its spare sleeves, each playing four tunes, at one side.

Ord-Hume, Music Boxes, plate 102

[3] No number, 1st: The Costers

No. 7649

No. 20676
Fine tune sheets not make fine music (Ord-Hume), only 48 teeth for the comb

Fig. 30-18. (Bulleid 390). Circa 1882, for serial 20676, a 12-Air musical box with standard 13-inch long cylinder playing the comb, drum, bells and castanets. The comb had only 48 tuned teeth and the accoutrements could be disengaged by means of levers. Possibly by Paillard. (Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/6, Fig. 30/18)

No. 23355, 1st: Cavalleria

No. 24452, 2nd: Mandoline, 6th: Erminie