Bulleid kennt 6 Varianten, hier ist derzeit nur eine einzige Spieldose dokumentiert: Unnummeriert

( Spieldose / music box)

No number, unknown maker

F. X. Thomas

Fig. 30-20: Post 1901, a souvenir musical box for pilgrims to Lourdes.

Tune 1 plays an air arranged for the Carillon of the Rosary Basilica at Lourdes, which was installed in 1901, thus providing a firm date for the musical box. Although it plays six tunes, tune 7 is listed with humour as: At pleasure, repeat the carillon.
The image shows the pilgrimĀ“s route to The Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Massabielle Grotto at Lourdes. The Grotto is where a vision of the Immaculate Conception (i.e. the Virgin Mary), appeared several times in 1858 to Bernadette Soubouros, a local woman.
The tune sheet contains a threat of legal action for „ Contravention of ownership in accordance with the law“ by Mr. X F Thomas, ist editor and owner of its copyright. (Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/20, Fig. 30/20)