Das ganz Bild oder die untere Bordüre sind das Zentrum des Bildgeschehens /

The entire picture or the bottom bordure are most important

KAPITEL 14: Unten: Tanz schwedischer Bauern

Bottom: Dance of Swedish Farmers

Spieldose / music boxes

Pattern (Bulleid 212, Bellamy, tunesheets Fig. 30/7)




Fig. 30-7. (Bulleid 212). Post 1873. This is Bulleid´s only example of a Swedish tune sheet. It has three medallions, one for Victoria and Albert made for the 1851 Great Exhibition, another for the 1867 Paris Exposition Universelle and the third for the 1873 Vienna Weltausstellung (World Fair). (Bellamy: Tuneheets Makers Agents (2022), p. 30/3, Fig. 30/7)

It seems that Mermod Frères was the only firm cooperating woth all three World Exhibitions mentioned above.

Anyway, the serial number and date for 212 align well with Bulleid´s Chart 8 for Perrelet of Geneva and his Nicole Chart 11 (Bellamy, see above); and there is no confirmatory for the participation of the mentioned firms in all three exhibtions.:

No. 222

Coll. Seemann

No. 45340

Medaillen der Weltausstellungen London 1851, Paris 1867, Wien 1873