Chapter 3

Expanded tune sheets
Sehr breite Musiktafeln

Left and right a STANDING female person

Musikdosen / music boxes

No number, no maker, ungemarkt, Mandoline piccolo

15854: Mandoline Piccolo

21356 (Piano)

26593: Excelsior Piccolo

28809-12: Fortissimo Interchangeable (4 cyl.)

29988: Mandoline Piccolo

Baker-Troll (less probable: Paillard): Sublime Harmonie Quatour

Cuendet: Rechange Mandoline Expressive


Interchangeable, 3 cyl.

Interchangeable, 3 cyl. [II]

No number, no maker, Mandoline piccolo

15854 (Mandoline Piccolo)

21356 (Piano)

26593 Excelsior Piccolo

Ebay 2022 Dec 26


Incredible 19th century rosewood and boxwood inlaid Paillard interchangeable music box, four interchangeable cylinders each playing six airs, the hinged lid inlaid with dancing children and with two cast brass handles, 85cm long, currently running, with original purchase receipt from Match Antiques of Weybridge dated 1992 for £3500 (Rolfe)

29988 Mandoline Piccolo

Baker-Troll: Sublime Harmonie Quatuor (weniger wahrscheinlich: Paillard)


Cuendet: Rechange Mandoline Expressive with a No. 1329


Interchangeable (3 cylinders)

51 x 24 x 37 inches

Interchangeable (3 cylinders) [2]