Abbildungen von Drehleiern


Pictures of Manivelles on musicboxes and on manivelles

1.) Please compare the left corner of a music sheet Link following soon (under construction)

2.) Two very similar designs

Nummern 16160, 11C, 14B, HB/7/22 and Mississippi song Nummer 414
(©Paul Bellamy)

( music boxes, presumably all made by Thorens)

Manivelle Nr. 16160




©Archiv Otmar Seemann

Manivelle Nr. 11C

On the Banks of Allan Water

Der Thorens-Anker ist erkennbar

Manivelle Nr. 14B


On the top she adorns a beautiful capercaillie motif, on the underside children are depicted with a rotary organ player. With its original lithograph graphic still in overall good condition.

Size in inches: H 3.25” x W 4.1” x D 3.2”

©Private ownership

Manivelle Nr. 414

©Bellamy: Magical Manivelles, fig. 6B

Manivelle Nr. HB/7/22

Mit dem Pfeil

Collection Otmar Seemann

Mississippi song

Playing well after a fire damage
Private ownership


2021, Nov 24th, Ebay

3.) Another design for a manivelle (playing Ein Schäfernmädchen)

( music box with a mechanism with a Thorens-anchor on the comb)

Ein Schäfermädchen